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New technologies promote personal communication, and when used wisely enough, they're quite useful when creating romantic relationships.

Especially if you're shy, because the shelter of a computer or phone screen allows you to use bolder lines that you wouldn't be so eager to use face to face.

However, the stars advise you to avoid being too bold this Tuesday, because you could make mistakes.

Sending texts to the wrong person and having that create a confusing environment could either be hilarious... or not be funny or amusing at all, depending on who you're talking to.

Try to make sure you know who you're talking to, what topics you're discussing, and whether the tone you're using in the conversation is the right one. You don't want to end up blushing in embarrassment when you realise you took a slip.


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Going on trial is something that's initially a bit too boring; and besides, you need to know what way you should present protests and how to carry them out.

However, you know that you're the latest victim in an unfair case, and that it should get sorted out down at the courthouse.

Go on and claim what's yours, Taureans, because justice is the ultimate equalizer -or so it should-, and you should get what you deserve, no more, no less.

It's all a matter of getting the right advice from experts who know how to deal with the sort of claim you want to carry out. You've got a lot to win if you fight hard enough.


Because of a series of personal and professional circumstances, your mood isn't too light or bubbly as of lately.

However, you'll become involved in a spiral of celebration or similar events where you really don't want to participate.

Today, the stars encourage you to grab hold of whatever helping hand comes around, because at least you'll clear your mind and spirits for a while.

Okay, you might not be up to par with what's expected of you, but you'll also make your loved ones a little less worried about your wellness, because you're part of the fun game.