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In love, you’ll be subject to doubt: you’ll be torn between the desire to keep your current situation as it is, and the desire to generate changes and spice things up a little. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you let you hair down?

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll wonder whether it would be best if you restrained your impulses, and you’ll lose the chance of enjoying great passion, for fear of opening your wings and taking off.

There’s very good prospects if you’re single and want to set straight an affair that started off on the wrong foot: if you’ve had a misstep, you’ll be able to fix it. But don’t lie, not even white lies.

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Your professional ambition will be ignited and will take off in the best of senses. If you want to triumph, don’t aim too high: go little by little, step by step.

And don’t defy government authorities or organizations above your weight, or you’ll trigger the envy and insecurities of many who will put a bull’s eye on your back.

Therefore, control and moderate your ambitions, keep going up discreetly and on firm ground, and you’ll get more benefits than obstacles.

In terms of domestic finances, you’ll be able to save if you buy energy efficient appliances: plus, they’re environmentally friendly.


Are you close to the sea? Because its sound will be very comforting for you, and it will chase away any bad energies you may have attracted throughout the day (and those you’ll have created yourself, with your bad mood).

The sound of the waves will fill you spiritually, it will give you a profound feeling of peace, and it will be the best music to meditate to, or perhaps just to read a book close to the shore.

Are you far from the ocean? Then any lake, river or large body of water will do.

If your health is suffering due to a cold, try a natural herbal tea, with some honey, a touch of lemon and freshly grated ginger, it will be a life saver.