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For native Taureans who just got married, there's quite a tender day ahead of you that brings promises and hopes of instances of unbridled passion into your life.

So much so, that you'll have to hold back a little and control your primal instincts, to avoid letting go with the passion of the flesh in public places or other areas where it's absolutely inappropriate.

On the other hand, if you're singles in pursuit of your soulmate, you won't stop in your challenge. You'll feel the same as your coupled-up companions, and you'll be ready to get tangled in bed surrounded by red candles.

Don't be shy or pessimistic, and don't feel disappointed if you can't find the missing piece. It's bound to show up at some point, the stars have someone at the ready waiting for the right moment to pop up.

Of course, if you're on the opposite side (completely unattached but going out with several people) make sure you don't accept all invites, or you'll get in deep, real trouble!


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This Tuesday you'll have to be generous at work, and for your own sake, when someone calls you on the phone asking for a favour, try to say yes to them.

You'll be doing them a favour that won't be quickly forgotten, and you know that life can take the most unexpected turns, and tomorrow or the day after you might be the ones in need of helping hands to get a little push on your path, or some sort of collaboration.

The stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you, on the other hand, to make persistence your most powerful virtue today, and to avoid giving in when you see great difficulties arising in your path.


To keep your nerves and sleep under control, avoid abusing energising drinks or products, because you don't really need them that much, and they're not doing you or your body any good.

Thus, turn down coffee, tea and energy drinks, especially those that aren't diet, because they have much more sugar than your body actually needs.

However, you shouldn't keep yourselves from trying the leanest fish.

How about making some nice grilled salmon, cooked in aluminum foil or steamed, with a nice big salad?