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The Magic Horoscope, with a strong Venus presence, presents a good aspect for the first Sunday of May.

Thus, the stars will promote a very harmonious, pacific and tranquil love life.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be bored, fervour and passion will still be there if you play your seduction cards strategically.

Allow yourself to get carried away: you’ll experience intense moments, filled with joy and pleasure.

If you’re single, you’ll be particularly worried; you won’t know whether to take the next step in that story which little more than a fling right now, you’ll be scared to step out of your comfort zone. But that’s pure cowardice!

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You’ll want to create wealth, but you also don’t want to go out of your house more than usual.

Have you thought about a way to conciliate both things, Taurus? Perhaps you could sign up to some websites that pay for answering surveys or for taking tests.

You could even make money through your own website or blog by advertising things on it, or through subscriptions, which will pay you a percentage for every sale generated from your website, for having hosted them and ultimately led to the final customer. There’s plenty of options!

Don’t let your generosity be used against you; you could bankrupt yourself trying to cater to the whims of someone you love.


This will be an excellent Sunday in terms of your health, you’ll have lots of energy and you’ll be able to avoid things which are detrimental to your mental or physical health.

To improve your skin and increase your energy, as well as detoxify your body and prevent illnesses, you could take birch sap.

It’s got many properties, and it’s becoming more popular by the hour, it stimulates your liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and even your skin.

Don’t mistake it for birch juice, which is less concentrated and, therefore, has less active ingredients. The sap from this tree strengthens your immune system, which is our shield against external aggressions, virus and bacteria.