Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


Your uncertainty in the development of your love story dilutes any kind of vibrant pleasure, giving way to fear and lack of passion.

You’ll feel jealous of someone who’s getting close to your beloved, you think they might be trying to steal their heart, and you’ll have to fight to keep them with you. Do you want to take that fight up?

Think positive, there’s a profound and long-lasting love, built on the basis of affection and a certain vulnerability.

If you’re single, don’t miss out on the opportunity to flirt, even if you doubt your allure. If you light up, no one will be able to turn you off, the fire burning in you will heat up everything around you.

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Mobile phone notifications, calls, emails, news, the television. Digital distractions are everywhere in life, and they interfere with your focus, especially at work (and even more so if you work from home!). There’s tropical fish with a bigger attention span than Taurus today.

Remember that a good network of contacts can work miracles in your professional life. Having friends even in hell is an excellent source of opportunities, whether it’s to develop your client portfolio, finding a new job or recruiting outstanding professionals for your company.

If you prepare work-related events, everything will go well, there’ll be unexpected circumstances, you’ll save the day and everybody will applaud you.


When you feel you can’t keep going, rather than opening the window and screaming out of it, burn an incense cone; it’s been known for thousands of years that its smoke can heal the body and the mind.

Incense (so long as it's natural) can bring you a good dose of peace, it will soothe your inner warrior and it will be a good basis to restore your wellbeing. Its smell triggers your olfactory nerve linked to emotions.

How expensive tobacco is should be enough motivation to help you quit smoking: set yourself the goal of quitting this habit for good, without using nicotine chewing gum or e-cigs. It won’t be easy, but the stars boost your willpower. Go on, you can do this!