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When you wake up and look at yourselves in the mirror, you'll see you're here and now, fully present.

However, when you go out into the street, you'll be ambushed by a feeling of invisibility, like a passing soul that roams here and there but nobody ever sees.

Even if you have a partner, they won't give you much of their love, or be glad to tend to whatever needs you have (or think you have, which is not the same).

This feeling will pass as the evening draws nearer, but your mood won't be that powerful anymore, and that's why you won't be too excited to bring some smiles and passion into the heart of the person you chose as a life partner.


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You need to get into action and to stop daydreaming all day long. It's time to make theories about how your finances could have an all-around improvement.

Start getting more active and carry out projects, because you're wasting too much time with all that moping and sighing, and that's how days, months and years can slip through your fingers.

If you're native Taureans working on real estate, you'll have great chances of closing off a perfect, excellent business deal.

But just because the stars favour your success, it doesn't mean you can just fold your arms and expect money to rain over your desk, okay?


You're well aware that, when you take certain medications, you need to be careful with some areas of your diet, such as for instance, mixing medications with alcohol.

Therefore, today you should try to be strict with whatever treatments you're having, Taureans, because the stars definitely encourage you to do that.

Especially if you take medication for your blood pressure. When combined with wine or other spirits, it could make you faint or experience arrythmia.

On the other hand, if you're thinking about quitting smoking, what are you waiting for?

You know that your life expectancy will go back to standard parameters, that your heartbeat and blood pressure will go back to a regular pace, and that your lung capacity will improve, just to name a few advantages.

Do you need even more reasons? Because there definitely are.