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Silence will come to stay this Sunday, Taureans, and it will be greatly uncomfortable because you won't know how to break it without bringing more firey sparks in.

Communication won't be flowing free around you, and thus it'll be hard to find things in common with your partner, to step on tracks that take you to the highest point of love.

Use that heart-branding loneliness to seriously think about how your relationship's future will be.

Particularly, the chaotic fact that your love story won't be as satisfying as you dreamed it to be, if there's no solid base where you can step.

If you're single, there's not many chances for a date, but you will have quick, casual encounters with someone who brings a smile to your face. If you cross paths more than you'd expect, that could be the start of a curious romance.

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It is absolutely forbidden to procrastinate today. You need to find that horrible vice of yours of putting everything off for later.

Especially because you don't want anyone talking about what you do (or don't do), or your professional skills being doubted, and you even want everyone to applaud and congratulate you for a job that's not always well done, or handed in on time.

Have you ever thought that it's quite a paradox that you always put off the most important tasks, and sometimes give yourselves the excuse that, if you do them some other time, they'll turn out better?

Don't lie to yourselves and try to get surrounded with diligent workmates who are willing to help you organise your schedule.


You're looking for a positive, optimistic environment, but it's not easy because of the aforementioned love issues you're about to experience.

As complex as it is, you can make progress in that area, with things as simple as not allowing anyone from meddling into your life.

Not all of us have the same life goals or experiences, and that's why they might get wrong when trying to understand you, even if you're the best of friends or the most tight-knit family.