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The Sun is shining over your partner, but now you need the right attitude to feel its warmth, its wellness and everything it has to offer you.

If you've neglected your partner as of lately, this Wednesday you'll have plenty of time to make up for your mishaps.

You'll be able to make efforts to take good care of them and to bring back their love, appreciation, and the bright spark of their eyes.

Today will be a good day for good relationships and exquisite accomplices, as well as secret, quick passions.

Many native singles will feel like they're using their freedom to the fullest, although they will miss sharing a bed at some point.


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If you're thinking about moving homes, you should make analysis of every factor involved, not just the monthly rent payment.

You also need to assess the money you'll spend on gas to drive back and forth from work, or to take the kids to school.

You should think of your shopping as well! Having a supermarket with good prices is a must; otherwise, you'll blow the budget sooner than you think.

By the way, the article you're trying to snatch at a bargain price (perhaps a brand new phone or some show tickets) won't come around as easily as you thought, no matter how hard you try.

At least today, fate doesn't determine that you'll get them at a knock-down price. That's a shame!


Part of that victim's attitude that clings to you like fleas to a dog is because you're not taking care of yourselves, and you're letting your looks roam an empty desert.

You should ask for an appointment at a salon to change that scruffy do for something a little more edgy. You could even try dyeing your hair several colours.

Play with your face hair if you're men; change up your beard. If you're a lady, get playful with nail polish patterns.

Find a new, improved Taurean within yourselves; let them eat the world up before anyone stops them.