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You’ll realise you have strong feelings for someone who’s on a different wavelength to yours, someone who normally you wouldn’t like, or who would even be your worst enemy.

The conversations in your relationship about changes in your household will be annoying, you’re happy with things the way they are, and you don’t want anything to change.

You should step out of your head for a second, and put yourself in your partner’s position, and be honest while trying to look at things from your perspective.

If you’re single, your special friendships will be unique, you might even realise that that friendship with benefits has become something else which you’re yet to define.

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Throw your schedule out the window, all of your time tables are about to change; this could potentially be a positive change.

However, it might cause a change of the biological rhythms of some Taurus, you’ll feel out of place, and your sleep and appetite patterns will change.

As you know, lack of sleep can cause a lack of focus, sleepiness, anxiety and mood swings, and this can take its toll at work if you have to handle heavy machinery.

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Subjecting your body to extreme conditions to which it’s not used to could give you a scare today.

Know your limits, and don’t put yourself in situations in which you couldn’t give the best of you yourself.

Saying no doesn’t make you a coward in the eyes of those around you, they can try to tempt you, but you have to be strong. Jupiter will fill you with energy.

To preserve your health, try not to get cold, dress sensibly, and keep your sides and neck warm.