Taurus Magic Horoscope 7
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The sky promotes creativity when out on the prowl. You don’t want to finish the week on your own and you’ll go out to look for new loves, which seem protected by a conciliatory aura which makes you dream, idealize and perhaps fly away together. Your powerful power of seduction will attract people with great philosophical values.

The complicity in your relationship will be very cute, and could even make others jealous. Your relationship is exquisitely harmonious and you’re both more receptive to the other one’s needs.

If you’re single, don’t hesitate to ask that person you hold a candle for out. Likewise, you could do something crazy like visiting the town of the person you’ve been speaking to online and who awakens forbidden passions in you.

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You project great strength in your finances. You’re not happy leaving things unfinished, you work hard to improve your finances and to tie up loose ends. Leaving things to chance is not for you, you want to tread on firm ground.

Your good financial management allows you to spread out your expenses sensibly and in a useful way, and you could even give your friends or relatives some valuable advice if they need it.

Some Taurus are thinking of taking a break from work to gather their strength and come back with renewed energy. The idea is good theoretically, but while you’re away you stop sowing the seeds that will allow you to grow in the future.


The time has come to combine relaxation, culture and pleasure. Spend this last day of the week enjoying, whether on your own or with friends, look for activities to clear your mind, and to help you release some stress or existential angst.

Get a bit carried away and you’ll see you’re delighted to leave the hustle of your daily life, if only for a little bit. Visit friends who live far away, go to an art exhibition or share moments of fun with your family while you watch a musical. In other words, don’t stay at home.