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You’ll know how to find the right balance between sensitivity and happiness to enjoy your day.

If you’re in a relationship you’ll want to protect your partner, perhaps in a somewhat suffocating way; you’ll tell them how much you care about them and how much you love them, but rather than saying it, you should show it with your actions.

You’ll show them that they can always count on you, that you’re trustworthy. Once your other half is convinced of your profound devotion, they will definitely come out of their shell and they won’t be able to imagine life without you.

Take an interest in their hobbies, and seek help from a therapist if you feel your relationship is cooling down.

If you’re single, you might rekindle an old flame, without needing to force things. Everything will flow naturally.

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If you’ve wasted money on unnecessary purchases, today you’ll pay the price, Taurus. You’ll have more expenses than usual to satisfy your material desires and those of your children and dependents.

Evaluate if you can still fix things, for example, by returning some products of which you still have the receipt, or by selling them second hand.

If you’re looking for a job, routine is annoying you, you don’t know where else to turn to get at least an interview.

When you finally get one, you can make it stand out by using a bit of humour, your interviewers will like this.


Your ideas to improve your health are starting to take shape, at least in your mind. A calm environment and common sense will help you highlight and materialise your personal wishes.

Today is a great day to learn something new which enriches your body or your mind, and if it helps you overcome a chronic problem you suffer from, all the better!

If you’re in the process of improving your voice or diction, you’ll make great strides; the problem that usually torments you will lessen. Professional help always yields great results.