Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Passion isn't overflowing in your life as of lately, but the fact that you practically use your bed only for sleeping doesn't worry you too much.

Instead, today you'll be more appreciative of other displays of affection, such as an honest hug from a friend, rather than unleashing your passion between the sheets at dawn.

In any case, you'll still have to be responsible within the machine of your family, taking some duties and commitments that you think someone else should be doing.

Perhaps you'll feel like protesting because of something you consider unfair, but you might be forced to stay quiet by getting reminded of all the things you should be grateful for every day, for which you don't say thanks because you're used to having a good life.

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Work will feel like too much of a burden throughout this Thursday, Taureans, because you've got plenty of duties to take care of and very little time to show your skills.

However, you should start analysing your reality. Are you really that short on time, or do you just waste minutes or even hours of your time into duties that do nothing for you?

Are you sure you don't waste your day by looking at your phone and answering messages through funny social networks and other silly content?

Sometimes, just to avoid doing work, you can have a chat with a salesperson who reaches you through the phone! You should admit to that.

As far as money's concerned, you'll be able to stretch your budget, stick to it and even get some extra money. There should be more days like that!


There'll be certain issues around you related to the health of several people, and you'll have to stay around to give some support.

Become a hard, solid pillar so that others can progress and cope with their ailments and illnesses.

However, your mood could shatter, although you shouldn't feel down even if you want to receive comfort from others and despair in your reality.

You need to be a model of dignity, so that others can follow suit and hold on through the circumstances of their own lives.