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You're perfectly aware that the armour made of hardness and confidence you'll try to convey this Monday isn't that real, Taureans.

Why did you choose to cover up your face with a mask that doesn't fit well, which could even get your partner far away from you?

Stop playing around with identities like a toddler plays with building blocks, and try to be as authentic as you know and can before things go wrong.

In fact, your actions might be seen as an attack and a way to break the harmony that might have been around you once.

Embrace frailty, it's okay! In fact, the most beautiful jewels are usually the most delicate ones.


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You'll be quite lucky today according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions, although that might not be the most accurate wording.

We're not talking about Lady Luck making you win the lottery or at gambling; you'll just be at the right time and place.

The keys to the future are in your hands. Now it's your time to gently open the right door, and of course, request permission to go into the deepest core areas.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't watch your finances; otherwise, there might be tears and no sleep later, especially when you're forced to give up on your love of luxury and comfort.

If your numbers aren't exactly the right ones, don't pretend they are. Do you even need to project that image?


Your steps are a little off-beat today, and nothing will go the way you want it to; at least not on the first try (and maybe not even the second, but try again!).

Exhaustion is taking its toll on you, and your strength won't be exactly at its best, so you'll have to think of a game plan that helps you become faster and braver.

Lighting up a green candle next to a window when night falls will allow the bad vibrations you can feel and touch around you to disappear (at least for a while).