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You have problems socializing, and this bothers you as you’d like to fit in. Don’t force yourself for anyone’s sake, and think before striking up a conversation which might end up becoming a love story.

You’ll have enough space to not feel smothered, and as the day goes by, you’ll feel more confident to act in accordance with your beliefs and uncertainties.

Some will use their natural charm wisely, to harmonize any exchanges with their life partners.

A tendency to exaggerate can get you into embarrassing, yet funny, situations caused by something that was meant to be a joke or a kind gesture.

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Step on the breaks, not on the gas, Taurus. You need to finish one project before you can start new ones. If you open too many doors you won’t know which one to pick.

It seems simple, but it will be quite tricky for you, as Mercury, the god of commerce, exercises its planetary influence and makes you fully open to any new business proposals you receive. You shouldn’t divert your attention, so learn to say no.

It will be a great day to express your views regarding your domestic finances, making your voice heard and fulfilling your duties, but also to open a dialogue.

In fact, it’s time to follow through with any joint initiatives. You won’t struggle to give in, as the proposals you’ll receive will be good, Taurus.


If you feel your health is shaky, you’ll do all you can to fix this. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and likewise, you can’t get fit overnight. Have you made your peace with this?

Today’s lunar atmosphere will have a somewhat inhibiting influence over your addictions, so it’ll be a great day to quit smoking, or drinking, if that’s what you’re struggling with.

Reading will help you escape from the world if this seems hostile, and so will writing.