Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 7

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You’ll be very generous, Taurus: due to the influx of planets in your sky, you’ll try to please others by all means, you’ll be a saint, ready to be put on a pedestal!

You’ll be patient and docile, you’ll learn to deal with each other’s moods, but all will be well, there’ll be love.

In your relationship you’ll do all you can so your partner feels good, you’ll give love to the effortlessly, you’ll even be able to improve some things, by reaching some resolutions through communication.

If you’ve recently decided to stop looking for love because you’re single or divorced, you’ll change your mind, and someone you find terribly attractive will win you over. Something pushes you closer to them, and you should allow yourself to get carried away by that current.

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You’ll have to negotiate skillfully to reach your goals, and the results will be great so long as you don’t limit your options, and propose alternatives for any problems which might arise.

Problem is that the other party might choose not to listen, because they’ll think they’re in the right.

And if what they’re offering is rubbish, and you think you’re wasting your time and talent, don’t hesitate to throw it out the window and cut all ties!

That could happen especially to those who work with old friends, or with relatives: environments where an excess of trust could be harmful.


You’re hypersensitive, or at least you have been, and you’ll learn to cast your feelings aside and calm your inner whirlwind so that it doesn’t hurt your body.

Sometimes headaches, or back pain, are just the manifestation of our inner demons who are stabbing you with a trident.

The key is to rest often so you can face obstacles better and recharge your batteries. If you meditate or practice yoga in an empty room, away from distractions, while burning some incense, all the better!

If you do that, you’ll undoubtedly find your inner Taurus easily.