Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



The eye mask that many of you are wearing in love will take a sudden drop this Thursday, and bit by bit, you'll start seeing unwanted flaws in your partners.

Not only that; you'll also be able to analyse with sharpness and toughness some attitudes that are absolutely inadmissible which you used to overlook.

But hey, you're not the ones with the problem. It's not that you're more sensitive, it could be said that you're more objective towards life. And if you don't like what you've got, don't settle for it.

The fear of losing privileges and breaking dreary monotony can often make us take an undesirable as a travelling companion.

For those couples who are getting along well, there won't be any love issues coming through, but you should pay more attention to your kids' issues, both when it comes to love and friendship.


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A colleague in your same field of expertise will tearfully beg for your help, because they got in deep trouble and they need you to get them out.

You can choose freely whether you will help them or leave them out on their own, but don't think you're entitled to judging them or giving them any unsolicited advice.

You haven't exactly been a role model yourselves about the way you handled your finances, right?

While you're at it, do some self-criticism and find out why thinking about your finances makes you so distressed.


You're ready to break the mold today, to do unique and original things that will benefit your health. But make sure you break molds, not bones!

If you've got a doctor's appointment or any other important issue related to your health, don't make it a courtesy visit. It's important to follow the experts' orders, and you should also remember that it's not okay to manipulate them to say what you want to hear.

An excess of nerves could give you sleep diseases, but forget about sleeping pills.

You're better off reading a novel, or if you're a student, whatever notes or books you need to memorise.