Taurus Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com


If you’re single, love will be lazy for you, Cupid’s pulse is weak and he won’t reach your heart with his arrows, but you’d like to have a romantic day.

This is due to Pluto’s bad position, which will spoil your plans, no matter how hard you’ve tried, investing both your time and your money.

Your heart and your senses aren’t working together, and there’ll be moments when you’ll want to curl up into a ball and disappear.

When it comes to couples, the Magic Horoscope indicates you’ll remain stable, but many will choose to focus on achieving material security or reaching the social status that would make their other half happy.

In other words, love will fall to the background, and not everybody will know how to deal with this. You’ve been warned, avoid messing up!

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Try to pay attention to work, Taurus, you won’t know this, but all eyes will be watching your performance. You might even get audited, or have a health and safety assessment.

So keep your eyes peeled, stay calm, and hold your head high. You’ll pass this unexpected examination the stars are warning you about.

In terms of money, this day will be good for sales of art pieces and antiques. If this is your area, prepare to accrue some wealth!


Mercury’s incidence on the Taurus sky today will weaken your health considerably.

And that’s not all, you’ll want to receive some TLC, which might make you appear needy to those around you. Be careful if that’s how you’re going to play it!

You should be careful with your allergies, you could make an appointment with your GP to get some analysis and see if you have any allergies or intolerances you’re not aware of.

Try to carry some rose quartz with you, to give you strength when you’re feeling weak. This is one of your sign’s magic stones.