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You want to break some rules set in your relationship, and look for some passion with someone else.

 You’ll try to be discreet, but you’ll have to make sure your fling is discreet too (which can be more complicated than you think).

Remember that you risk an awful lot by being unfaithful, so if you end up losing everything, don’t go crawling back crying and begging forgiveness. You know you brought this upon yourself, nobody forced you to go around looking for adventure.

If you’re single you’ll also succumb to ambition and desires, but you won’t find the one either. You want to appear to be a frivolous person, a hardened Taurus, but deep down you’re full of tender feelings.

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Under Jupiter’s omens, the planet of good luck and wellbeing, your professional life will be easy and pleasant, your business will be in good shape and will yield great results, especially if you’re waiting for the fruits of a project that has been brewing for a while now.

There’ll be good fortune for those who work directly or indirectly in sports. A new sports club might be trying to poach you, but before you agree, you must read the contract thoroughly.

Be careful with your daily purchases, you spend too much on unnecessary items.


If you’ve been on holiday, you’ve probably drunk too much alcohol and eaten too much junk food. You’ll then have to take better care of your body in general, especially your liver. Don’t get overwhelmed, once you become aware of your shortcomings, you can then set them right.

You know well that, to stay in shape, you must eat everything in moderation, including fish, eggs, beef, grains and pulses, and plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially greens.

Go on, get in the kitchen and experiment, having a healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring.