Taurus Daily Horoscope for April 8

Your Horoscope for Monday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com


New week, fully recharged batteries. This Monday you’ll want to be happy, to brighten your partner’s day, and for the world to smile at you.

Therefore, you’ll have to put some extra effort to make things unfold in accordance with your heart’s desire.

Luck is on your side, your charm is multiplied tenfold and, if you’re single, you’ll feel you can communicate fluently with that person you secretly hold a candle for..

Some couples will have some not so good news, you’ll have to separate temporarily for work or study.

But you can make it work!

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Manipulation. That’s the word that will define the financial and professional aspect of your life today. The Magic Horoscope can see a person who doesn’t wish you well, and who’s trying to force you to do things their way, even if this is detrimental to your health.

It could be a not entirely competent boss, or a small child, who tries to coerce you into buying them the things they want through emotional blackmail.

Just try to make sure that whatever you do, you’re doing it because you choose to, not because you’re being forced to, or because you feel it’s your responsibility, ok?


You’ll have great dynamism and vital energy thanks to Jupiter’s influence.

The Magic Horoscope foresees good health, and a calm evolution, both in the physical and psychic planes.

At times you’ll feel like your sixth sense is very developed, and this will help you anticipate certain events.

You’ll know what’s best for your health, what isn’t, and which places to avoid and which places to explore in order to ensure your wellbeing.

Also, you’ll be able to give valuable advice to your loved ones, and try get them to trust in your wisdom, so they believe what you’re telling them.