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It’s a good day in your romantic and family relationships, especially with your children.

You’re calm and available, the gentle atmosphere softens the rough edges of life and you’ll enjoy playing with life.

There’ll be time for everything: to play video games with the little ones, or to watch a few episodes of the Kamasutra with your other half, to create fireworks in your sky.

You have the energy and enthusiasm to organise a surprise soiree and to have a good time whenever you can, that’s the right way to go about life!

If you’re single, think more about yourself. Learn to enjoy your solitude, this way you’ll be able to share your heart one day. Don’t despair on your way towards love, it will come around eventually.


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Temptation will be waiting for you the second you leave your home, Taurus, for all matters related to money. 

You’ll be in a tricky situation, as life promises you a better, more relaxed, financial situation, if you betray some colleagues or friends.

You’ll have to search your heart before you make a decision. Being more financially stable is great, of course, but is it worth it?

To reduce your expenses when you go shopping try to use coupons. You could also use loyalty cards, which allow you to access offers and discounts.


If you’re struggling to set a strict schedule or being disciplined, now’s the time to take action!

Follow the advice you’d give other people. Take the wheel of your life, don’t wander around aimlessly.

You might be afraid of going to the doctor’s, especially if you know you have a problem, the diagnosis and treatment of which scares you.

If you don’t face this now, things might get much worse further down the line. Burn some bay laurel essential oil to overcome those fears that are tormenting you.