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You're not ready to rumble today, and even if your partner tries to grind your gears, you'll remain unaffected. There's no need for a fight!

You'll manage to ignore all attacks, and it would be so ideal if this happened more often, because life would be an easier experience. You'll even see that your opponent even gets bored and tired of trying to get to you.

Many native Taureans will go through a hard situation, probably a complicated family issue.

But within that anguish, you will also find plenty of peace when you see how much people love you and give you all their support and affection.

It'll be a way to see how the love you've given for many years has been properly received, and now you'll get it back ten times stronger.


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If you're thinking about making extra money, find an additional part-time job that doesn't require much of your time, such as mail campaigning.

It's quite common to see people complain that there's no work available, but oftentimes, the search for a job is quite soft and not very well-prepared.

By keeping your eyes wide open, you'll find places where people with your skills are much needed, but you need to get down and do some work yourselves.

If you're waiting for news on a legal issue (a compensation, for example), get going!

Pick up the phone, send as many emails as you need to, and be interested in wanting to know what the future has in store for you.


Your stomach has been seriously affected by heavy meals as of lately, right? Then, you should be more careful with the type and amount of food you set on the table.

One of the keys is to reduce or even get rid of snacking, which can sometimes give us up to 1000 or 1500 additional calories. No wonder you feel all heavy and bloated afterwards!

Today, try to make your first full dish a salad, with plenty of lettuce and other wide-leaved veggies, such as endive or spinach.

For the second course, choose some proteins but in moderation, especially if we're talking about dinner.