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Love isn't at its best, but not because your skies have storms, thunder and lightning written all over them.

Your partner might get a little clumsy today, and since you're aware of it, the stars have a warning for you: don't be stricter than you should.

Are you the great and wise ones at all times? No, and you know that, so don't believe that you're better than them. There's no need to do so.

If you're alone, it's a good day to plan a quick trip, and even to go on it, if you feel like having some fun adventures and small servings of short-lived, yet intense-flavoured love.


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Do you consider yourselves jealous, and envious of how good other people's lives are, or of their belongings and success?

Think twice about this. The Magic Horoscope sees how this dark, toxic feeling is starting to find a home within your chest when it comes to work.

That means you won't be at all appreciative of people who work in your same field of expertise who are certainly financially more powerful than you are.

You're well aware that this isn't good for you at all. The healthy stance here would be to look at that person (or those people, if there's more than one) like a role model of overcoming adversity, a reflection of your obvious potential.

And even jealousy and envy are not suited for everyone, at least try to cover them up. Don't let anyone see that rotten smell you can't control (which is distressed Jupiter's fault, by the way).


With Jupiter and the Sun on charge of your physical wellness, you won't be missing out on bliss or energy.

In order to get all the benefits from this double influence, go for some dance classes, which will help you work on your muscles while still having great fun.

There's definitely a style that fits your taste. You've got a great range to choose from! From classic rock to flamenco, swaying your way through salsa, or reggaeton, if you enjoy moving around your hips and bum.