Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 8

Your Horoscope for Saturday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Do you feel like you’ve put the handbrake on in your love life? That things aren’t moving fast and that you’re stuck in your story, Taurus? But it’s only a feeling that Mercury has put in your mind, no more no less. It has no basis, and no reason for being.

You’ll struggle to obtain concrete answers in your relationship, and for those who’ve been in an on again, off again relationship for years, jealousy might spark if you meet new people.

You carry a lot of baggage, you’ve already had your heart broken and it still hurts, and even though you don’t want to hold on to your negative experiences, it’ll be hard to move forward and to let go of pessimism.

If you’re single and you’ve recently had a disillusionment, you’ll get back on your feet very quickly; if this happens, take it as a challenge.

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You’ll have a quieter day than you thought, that’s the whole point of having a weekend! Today you’ll consolidate your finances and you’ll save some money if you take out the expenses book and your calculator, so you can adjust every cent.

You might have to work today, of course, and if the atmosphere feels heavy, the Magic Horoscope can only advise that you distance yourself from it, and that you don’t take your worries home with you. Try to get everything done as fast as possible, but always keeping the highest standards.

Are you one of the lucky Taurus who gets to rest today? If you can, leave your mobile phone on your bedside table, and be free for 24 hours.


The Magic Horoscope invites you to train, but not to have the kind of body that could win a pageant, but to learn to see the good in people.

Change your mindset, feed your brain, read more, do intelligence games, or crosswords, sudoku or similar things, so you can make your grey matter work out like an athlete training for a competition.

When eating watch your salt intake, as it raises your blood pressure. Not just the one you add to your dishes, but also the one found in some sauces and concentrates.