Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



It'll be a great day to be alive. Venus, the goddess of love and affection will bring a pretty powerful married life through the planet named after her.

And as if that weren't enough, you'll be backed up by Mars, the god of war, but also of desire, sexuality and the conquest of love.

Your love boat will have wind blowing into its sails, and you'll steer the wheel into any port you feel like visiting, dodging any pirates of the seven seas waiting to attack you and make you feel distressed.

For singles, there's a nearly decisive date coming up. Will you have to speed up or slow down your romance? It definitely ain't worth it keeping things the way they are.


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The common sense that usually allows you to make great business will be lost this time around, and it'll take you to a world of loss in the blink of an eye.

What can you do to sort out your incoming issues? For starters, double your alerts, because you're running the risk of being tricked by quacks and swindlers.

Even if you think you're so smart, you could eventually become the perfect target for unscrupulous money-grabbers, even scammers, who could lead you into disastrous operations.

And the more money you've got stashed away, the bigger will be the promise they make of multiplying whatever you invest, when in fact it's a lost fund.

On the other hand, whatever study or business trip that takes place today will be completely fruitful.


The Magic Horoscope predicts that everything will be fine both physically and emotionally, much better than many would want.

You'll mix the vibes of your business and private life, and not only that; you'll be able to find some extra energy to do some sport.

It'll be a wonderful discovery to feel like your day's 28 hours long instead of the usual 24!

You should make sure your pets are in perfect health and hygiene conditions, especially if you've taken in a stray cat or dog.

Otherwise, they could give you an illness, or best-case scenario, give you a severe allergic reaction that affects your breathing or irritates your skin.