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This Tuesday 8th of October you have the best tools to go hunting for hearts. Listen to your desire to start new romantic adventures, and cultivate new friendships. However, don’t think the best is out there waiting for you: you have great friends that you shouldn’t neglect.

You pour your vivacity into everything you do and this can make anyone fall in love with you. You have all the aces in your hand to ensure there are fireworks in your sky, Taurus.

Use your energy and your strength to create a new version of your relationship, where everything that’s hurtful is eroded until it disappears. You’ll have a youthful spirit but you’ll still be loyal and faithful.

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Your projects come to a halt and you’ll have to find some solutions; you’re not faced by unforeseen events, in fact, they make you stronger.

You want to live a day full of challenges, plus, your intuition is especially strong: you’ll know what others need before they even ask you.

You’ll be brilliant and firm, and you’ll be especially skillful if you work with numbers or large accounts.

Lastly, some valuable advice: don’t underestimate your enemies. They have the advantage because they lack a moral compass. Acknowledge what your own shortcomings are and turn them into a shield. This is the only way to expand your horizons.


Listen to your heart, there are some fears which are overwhelming you, not allowing things to flow naturally. Look for the right way to let the energy flow; if you have an artistic gift, use it to channel that anguish. You’ll be able to make great things.

There’s no doubt that the moon is very powerful, and for this reason, it stirs up all of your feelings. The weather doesn’t adapt to your needs, so you’ll have to adjust to it.

At least, you’re in good shape and are quite beautiful, and you’ll want to take better care of yourself and look better in the mirror, not to get compliments from others, but rather to compliment yourself.