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Look for love face to face, and not hiding behind a screen. In the digital era, you think it’s more comfortable to talk to people online than at a bar or library. Overcome this cowardice!

We should also mention, Taurus, that you should be careful with the people you meet on those websites or apps, and also with how much you expose your privacy. Don’t give your phone number to just anyone.

If you’re in a relationship, there’ll be negotiations over extremely important matters, such as, what kind of education you offer your children. You’ll reach an agreement, you’ll see.

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The Magic Horoscope reveals stability for this Sunday: there won’t be unexpected expenses, and you might even spend less than you were planning on.

You’ll be lucky and your friends will offer to foot the bill, but don’t forget to return the favour in the future!

At home, you’ll have to explain how hard you have to work to earn money, that it doesn’t grow on trees like apples. And that your family’s whim of buying something very expensive will have to wait (or will never happen).


With the current positive aspects, your potential ailments will improve, you’ll make time to enjoy every single hour of this Sunday.

Today you’ll be particularly enthusiastic, you have the willpower to carry on, and this restores your ideas and principles.

If you’re still on holiday (or if you’ve just started them) remember the importance of changing your swimming suit after you’ve been in the sea or the swimming pool.

Staying in wet clothes can lead to a UTI or other ailments that can be easily avoided. And remember to wash your swimming suit daily!