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Your senses will be razor sharp this Wednesday, Taureans, and that could be good for your romantic relationship.

Especially because you'll learn how to really listen, you'll have a better understanding of your loved ones and anyone who deserves your love, like your partner, kids, and even your parents.

You'll appreciate small details that you usually overlook, and create the right atmosphere to get rid of all tensions that used to be a hot topic in the past.

In the same way, Taureans, you'll see more and better, but try to avoid your eyes from tricking you, because you might think you're seeing things that aren't real. You should especially be mindful of whatever jealousy might arise from within for no apparent reason.


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There's a hard, busy day of work ahead, the kind of day that can wear you out to the extent of falling asleep when you're trying to stand still and upright.

Since the Magic Horoscope predicts this is bound to happen, the ideal thing here would be to spread your energy across the day, and to avoid using it all up in the first few hours.

That way you'll be able to get your tasks done the right way, and maybe you'll even get a pat on the back for a job well done, even if you had to use your blood, sweat and tears (and even had to deal with a seriously irritating situation).


From the deepest core in your heart, you want your loved ones to be happy (which sounds logical, but you should believe us when we say not everyone's like that).

What happens today is, your good intentions will often be turned down, and you'll perceive plenty of bitterness from the outside.

Don't become a sponge that will absorb and suck in the pain. Let your loved ones make their own choices and learn from their life experiences.

The stars have already predicted that your day is going to be tough, so try to charge up with a nice, healthy diet, and a big cup of ginseng, which you can sweeten with molasses.