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Everybody likes to feel attractive and to notice that people flirt with them from time to time, but today you won’t feel like wooing anyone, you have no time nor patience to play the game.

Thus, a suitor could become your worst nightmare if they’re trying to get what you don’t want to give. And you won’t have a lot of patience either, so tempers might flare.

If you’re in a relationship, you could have communication problems, especially if you’re partner pays more attention to you than you’d like. Today you’ll be more in the mood for cultivating your inner garden, in the peace and quiet of solitude.

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Today Neptune will have a major impact on your finances. This planet will be very beneficial for you, Taurus.

Therefore, it could be that you’ll experience extraordinary financial success, especially when it comes to business areas that you’re not very experienced in, and you were a tad apprehensive about the investments until today.

For others, it seems like an increase in your funds is in the air, whether it’s an instant one because you manage to sell things you had at home, or a long term one, if you manage to negotiate a salary raise.

Your appearance will be very important if you have job interviews; try to see how the company’s employees dress, and dress accordingly, not too formal, but not too shabby either.


The stars indicate that your back will be a bit weak, so you should avoid unnecessary strains, Taurus, especially those related to lifting heavy objects (no moving furniture or heavy lifting today!)

On the other hand, small skin problems, and some other more serious ones can be treated effectively from now on, as you’re entering a good period for skin care.

Stay on top of your schedule, and manage your strength if you have many events to go to today. You might waste too much energy of the first few, and then you’ll be forced to cancel the rest because you’re too tired.