Taurus Daily Horoscope for June 9

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Can you notice how your day if filled with the magic of love, Taurus? Your day will be a breath of fresh air in your relationship. Smiles will mend broken hearts, and hugs will heal more than anything you can get from a pharmacy.

That’s due to Venus’s harmonious position on your sky, its support will help you achieve the peace and happiness you deserve.

Generally speaking, your life together won’t be the cause of your concerns, but your family will, as the health of some relatives will keep you up at night.

If you’re single you’ll have unexpected encounters which could lead to romantic and sexual affairs. You’ll have to know exactly what you want, and also weigh the consequences of your actions.

If you’ve been single for many years, you’ll be especially lucky at seduction, start looking for an engagement ring!

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Mercury’s aspect will give you certain control over your work colleagues, with whom you’ll share enriching ideas.

It would be great if you read the news regarding your business area, which will give you an idea of where you’re standing and what decisions you should make in the future. You have to evolve, especially if your work relates to engineering or information technology.

Jealousy might manifest if you move forward faster than others, bear that in mind; but don’t get roped into the drama, just ignore the other parties.


A very active day, under the impulse of Mars, your health will be very strong, even if you spend a lot of energy.

The stars don’t predict sporting activities, but rather household chores where you’ll have to move a lot. Do you have to paint your house, or perhaps shuffle furniture around?

The latter will be great to rid your house from bad energies and help renew the atmosphere.

If you choose to find a new place for your couch or coffee table, burn some rosemary afterwards, to repel any negativity that was lodged inside your house.