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Today you'll miss some privileges you don't have when you're in a steady relationship, and there's clashing and cracks sure to come.

Wanting to spend time with other people is perfectly normal, but it's important to find balance in order to avoid neglecting your life companion.

Whenever we constantly spend time with our partners, we get lost in these relationships because, in a way, we're constantly under their influence, and you don't want that.

Try to explain your point of view, and while you're at it, make a proposal to divide time; maybe, after some initial tears, you can sign up an agreement about it.

Singles will also fly away in freedom, but they won't ever reach the sun no matter how hard they flap their wings.


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Today Taureans will be very, very lucky; there's several powerful planets influencing on your financial areas of life, and you shouldn't be too surprised if you end up receiving a lottery prize or some other similar great raffle.

However, you shouldn't be too excited about it, and be careful. You've probably read those stories about people who became millionaires and went broke soon after.

That could happen to you too! If you make a lot of money, you might have serious issues when trying to keep it safe.

Unfortunately for you, you're not the kind of people who just knows how to manage their finances if there's too many zeroes at the end of the check.


You need to promote urgent changes if you're the kind of people who do sport as often as they go to the dentist.

We always think about smoking as one of the most murderous habits a person can have, but we don't analyse how inactivity could derive into heart issues, obesity, diabetes or even anxiety.

Just to take your very first steps, get used to standing up at work and walking around as often as you can. You're better off walking to a colleague's department to let them know about something, than writing them an e-mail, for instance.

And of course, choose to walk and not drive everywhere, and get rid of elevators in your life, because the stairs will be a much healthier bet for your heart.