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Your Taurus Horoscope for 2019

Yearly Horoscope for Taurus
Magic Horoscope Yearly 2019 | Magic Horoscope



Taurus, this 2019 you should make sure you don't lose your temper, because your feelings and the way you see the world might often differ from what others believe, and there could be people (including your partner) who might feel attacked.

This doesn't mean that the Magic Horoscope has a dark year in store for you, but there definitely will be hard times where you'll have to count to 20 before you make certain choices.

You should think that your personal nature needs an honesty bath, and make your feelings roam free.

In the same way, open the door to adventure if you're single right now, because you might find someone who pleasantly responds to your sensitivity and train of thought, to your mental openness.

When it comes to family you'll feel appreciated and your loved ones will show you how much they love you (even in complicated situations) although relationships with your kids might give you some extra trouble indeed.


We're not talking about a 12-month period where the stars encourage you to give a dramatic turn to your finances, Taureans.

In fact, changes could turn out to be worse rather than better, and you should avoid all exaggeration, especially if you're dragging around debt or loans from the well-past 2018.

You'll experience a serious fear of losing money, and this will lead you to trying to save it a little too extremely. You'll even save up on ridiculous situations just to keep a few spare cents on your wallet.

The key here might be not to spend too much and to manage your money wisely, of course, but you don't have to go way too far either.

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Your health will be connected to the wellness and issues experienced by your loved ones, because you'll be a sponge absorbing their problems. In particular, there's an older, protective figure who will make you worry more than you need.

At a first glance, your health should have no trouble during this new year, but you will have to control certain habits that you know aren't good at all for you.

If you're trying to raise a family, from the second term of the year onward there'll be more chances of that happening (and if you don't want any more kids, then watch out for your contraceptives, because you'll have a strong fertility).

You won't think twice before taking some vitamins and teas that help you keep a good mood and physical shape, and you should try to think more about the present rather than the past if you want to be happy.