Taurus Magic Horoscope for 27th April

Check Your Forecast for Today, Friday
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Family issues need to be fixed inside the home, without any intruders finding out.

Remember this when you experience an unpleasant meeting with someone in your family, perhaps even your partner, for some issues which you want to solve from opposing points of view.

You won't know how, but at some point problems from the recent past will keep sprouting, some of which you weren't aware of. And you'll have to act accordingly and immediately.

And remember, the stars advise you this Friday to avoid talking about it with friends or outsiders.

That's nobody's business, and nobody can get in your shoes.


You're excitedly planning a trip, a quick getaway to a nearby and unexpensive location.

After a few days considering it, you've started to check flight and train combos, hotels and event tickets, and it all falls within your allotted budget.

Now it's time to face reality, because you haven't taken dates into consideration.

Revise your working plan, medical appointments, family reunions, and you'll see there's something that doesn't quite fit.

Unfortunately, this trip will have to be postponed to a yet unknown date, but work comes first. You were so excited about it!


Even if your day is tough and difficult, which it will be, try to be comfortable in your own skin, Taureans.

You know it's essential to be at peace and inner harmony if you want to feel okay with what's around you, and the better you feel about yourself, the better you'll feel around you.

Without any further explaining, get away today to give yourself some time to do what you enjoy. Horror stories? Walking around the shore?

Something that fills you and only you with joy, something you can do on your own. That will lighten your mood within reasonable limits.