Full Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 6th April
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Today you'd like to wake up to a perfect romantic day where birds awaken you with their singing and your beloved brings breakfast to bed, with today's newspaper and a good-morning gift.

However, you'll wake up to your usual alarm and complain about not having lived this experience long ago.

Now think: how long has it been since you surprised your partner?

You can't expect them to give it all and not offer gifts spontaneously yourself to make living together more special.

In your family there'll be a clash against someone close because of unneeded criticism about how you live your life. You'll need someone in the middle to stop this from breaking you apart.


Set yourself a goal at work today; although it may sound a little selfish it's actually not. Focus more on yourself. Simple and clear.

You should come to realise that the most important thing to bring forth your professional commitments is what you think about yourself, and not what others may say no matter if they know more or less about the topic.

If you feel you need it, do some work to reinforce your personal identity. Empower and show off a powerful self-image which is deserving of being respected and loved by what it is.


You're at a time of your life when sometimes you get depressive bouts for no apparent reason. It's as if dopamine, that neurotransmission chemical required to experience happiness and pleasure, wasn't inside your head.

If you want to find an experience to release and send dopamine all through your body, one of the most beneficial things is doing sports, physical activity in general.

This way, you can release this substance and you'll also move your body around, get into shape and improve your heart rate.