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Taurus Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 3rd August

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Don't worry, your relationship mood will be explosive and gentle, as a result of Pluto's influence over your sign.

Taureans, you'll do everything in a different way this Friday, and you could even consider yourselves real fireworks: you'll love to experience everything passionately and romantically, until you lose your mind and heart over it.

Let yourselves go to keep the fire alive without fear; but still, keep some energy stored away for emergencies.

Are you thinking about the next stage? The stars advise you not to think of marriage today, at least for the foreseeable future, because you could be wrong about what you really want.


The prediction for Taureans this Friday is financial stability. According to the current planetary arrangement, it's a good day for business.

You'll see your projects blossom happily, and to this you can add chances of luck to give them an unexpected boost.

Inside you, you have all the willpower and strength it takes to unfold all your energy and take a step further into success.

You know that it's almost time to show what you can do, and if you work hard enough, the stars can assure you'll make it.

Still, the Magic Horoscope says you should be especially careful when managing your professional ambitions.


You need to get rid of your constant health complaints, Taureans; be careful, don't exaggerate and take as much time as needed to relax and assume what your real physical situation is.

Uranus is pretty much in your favour and can push you to live without considering your nervous limitations (and this can bring consequences).

Controlling your nervousness will be quite useful to face your busy daily life ahead, because there'll be some turns of events that'll change your schedule.

Remember that sleeping is the ultimate solution, because it allows you to reload and to stay in shape.

Fortunately, your immune system defenses will be good and you'll probably avoid flus, colds and other similar illnesses.

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