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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Friday Is Going To Be for Taurus

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Friday 16th February


Taurus Daily Horoscope |



Your mind is torn between good and evil, and it's hard for you to keep calm.

You've got very intense emotional bouts, and you're not only making yourself unstable, but your loved ones as well.

Your couple will be hurt because of one of your mean answers, and you'll meet with bitter regret.

Even if you can still change, the day is already well twisted and torn down.

Admit to your mistakes and try to fix them in the next few days. And respect your elders.


Lately you've been spending a great deal of money into gambling.

It's time to cut it off and forget about betting, because you'll get into serious financial issues in the long run, and perhaps psychological as well.

Say goodbye to Lady Luck because you're bordering on ludopathy; focus on work because you're falling behind.

If you don't change your ways you may get a warning, and that may harm any promotions coming in.

In other news, make sure your savings are in the best bank. See what services it provides, and if there aren't any others to give you the same for less, you could cut back on your monthly expenses.

If you've got various accounts, it's time to get rid of one of them.


You're trying to quit processed foods, and taking up some cooking lessons on the side. Have you thought about making your own preserves?

You'll know what you eat first-hand, and also, you can have a nice fun day in the kitchen.

And it will be quite the penny saver, because you can use jars that you've already got lying around the house (although you might want to find new cover lids for some of them).

If you feel the need for speed, try to take up an activity related to extreme sports in the wild. It will be very positive for you to breathe some pure fresh air, while moving around a little bit.

How about starting it off with some trekking, which you can also go do somewhere near? Or would you rather go down a death slide?

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