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Full Taurus Magic Horoscope for Friday, 20th July

Full Forecast for Today, Friday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The Magic Horoscope warns you that you shouldn't act smart, because there's nothing but innocence behind that armour of wisdom and might.

Regarding love, you'll find a big boulder in your path which will make you trip and fall, and the ugly truth will hit you right on cue.

You'll have to improvise, get strong and show your maturity to face all obstacles that fate has set against your love life today.

There's even chances of your current relationship breaking off; you've been warned to try and change it before everything falls off the cliff.


You're quite confident about the way you make money, but you're afraid of sabotaging yourselves.

Just as if you were your very own nemesis, your own enemies when trying to prove how professional you can be and how brightly your light can shine over the horizon.

Venus will bring you tools to heal your own self-perception and to sharpen your weapons to make your steps stronger. With just a bit of talent you'll find great chances of making profit through banking and financial products.


Your stomach's a bit delicate today, and you'll constantly feel like throwing up, according to the stars in the Magic Horoscope.

But you know what? You should feel at ease, Taureans, because that nausea can get you away from certain things, and for this reason, it can protect you from illnesses and infections.

If you're eating and there's a food item that feels foul when putting it in your mouth, just throw it out, at least today.

Your intuition says something's wrong, and the stars are helping you to protect yourselves, with noticeable success.

Are you in the middle of breaking old, bad habits from your life, such as a smoking and nicotine addiction, or being hooked to other substances?

In that case, you should know that the stars will give you a strong energy boost so that you keep going all the way to the finish line of complete success.