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Read Your Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Friday 27th July

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Taureans, today the Magic Horoscope will bring you an oasis of peace and happiness through small details and pleasures.

If you're dating, your partner will bring you happiness like you've never lived before, with your skin tingling easily because of the most wonderful of emotions, which you'll convey to one another.

In their arms and their embrace you'll find (or meet again, why not) a wonderful emotional sense of vertigo which will strengthen your bond.

If you don't share your life with anyone, luck will come your way too, and not just because you might meet someone.

You'll know how to enjoy and savour the single life, loving yourselves fully and knowing that you're okay the way you are now, and that you don't need anyone to be happy. You need to be happy with yourselves first.


One could say that the universe will bathe you in an interesting financial flair.

Not only will the planets watch over your finances and welfare; thanks to the intervention of some people who believe in you, your situation will progress.

They won't express their faith by loaning you money, but by promoting your skills, talent and creativity, so that you can channel them and earn money from it.

It'll be an essential pat in the back for you to progress and believe in yourselves.

That way, you'll experience a bright and bubbly appearance for which you'll have to be cautious and watch out to avoid falling victim to rivalry, hostility, insidious individuals and dark, hidden intentions.


You'll notice that your wellness has a dynamic flair to it, which will make you want to eat the world up from the minute you wake up.

Your attitude is quite interesting and positive, there's no doubt about it, though it also implies you should be careful, because you need moderation for everything.

Why, Taureans? Because otherwise, you could fall victim to health issues that stop you from enjoying life, and all your plans would fall apart.