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A dash of crazy and immediate interest. That's what the stars will bring you today because of someone near you've known for quite a while.

The common sense that usually guides your path will make room for great spontaneity, and you yourselves will wonder what's going on.

Let yourselves go, and take off that corset you're wearing which makes you stiff and tight every day. Don't be afraid to be who you want to be.

Socially, you need to hang out more with all your friends, and especially so today, because you have some sort of magnetic attraction, and you'll feel time hasn't gone by at all for you. You're still the same gang from yesterday.


At work, watch out for certain opinions you've been expressing openly about business which falls out of your field of expertise, Taureans.

There's people who could be really offended about your comments on politics, sports or other areas, and you may even get a warning about it.

It is true that there's people out there with extreme sensitivity, but it's also quite true that you could measure your own words.


The stars advise you to start doing some outdoor sport: walking, running, cycling.

Any of these activities put into combination with regular sleep and a balanced diet will do wonders on your health.

On the other hand, don't try to project too much of a far-off future, because you could forget to live for today, and days will start slipping by before you know it.

Today you're incredibly prone to get an ear illness, such as otitis.

That's why you should be careful around areas where you could easily get infected, such as swimming pools; or areas with lots of smoking, because smoke isn't good for you either.

Don't worry, because you probably won't have to undergo treatment if you get an otitis. It will come to heal all by itself.