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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Taurus Horoscope for Friday June 22

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Friday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



Stop being the devil's advocate and don't justify what doesn't deserve any excuses.

Is your partner behaving badly? Don't look away and pretend that nothing's going on, because there definitely is something.

Don't justify every step they take or every move they make; take Venus' blindfold off. It's time to say goodbye to it.

Talk to your partner for them to correct their behaviour, and if you see them ignoring you, maybe it's time to think whether your love story has reached its ending.

Remember that you shouldn't tolerate certain bad attitudes towards you, health or society, no matter how much you love the other person.


This Friday, the Magic Horoscope predicts there's steadiness to your finances, and you won't get any payments or charges that you didn't hear about.

Not all terms you sign today in certain papers and contracts are legal, Taureans. Read everything head to toe and don't be afraid to ask about what makes you doubtful or reluctant.

They'll try to pull your leg with tricks and false promises, and some of them fall directly out of current laws.

Be aware that those sections may give you headaches if you break the rules on them, but you'll also have justice on your side if you need to make claims.


Frustration will stick to your skin like limpets to sea rocks, because you had a schedule full of commitments and you won't be able to physically show up to all of them.

Don't start punishing yourselves for it, because they weren't matters that required immediate solutions, and it was okay to put them off for a few days.

Of course, from this experience you'll learn that you need to be a bit more organised, but you also need to slow down on what you demand yourselves to do, Taureans.

Careful with falls today, especially if your job is related to scaffolds or platforms of the sort.