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Taurus Forecast for Friday 8th June by Magic Horoscope

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Starting off a romance doesn't have a manual, although it would be perfect for you now, wouldn't it?

Your insecurities and rough experiences in life from your childhood have made you an introvert.

That's why, when you meet someone who would make a good partner, you've got mixed feelings because you're scared of opening up.

You don't know if they will want to listen to who you are and where you're from, or what happened to you through the years to be this way.

Still, remember that being introverted may make that person feel you're not interested in going any further, so try to open up little by little.


To make money with your talent and work, there's something basic you need to remember and keep repeating like a mantra.

You can't go by unnoticed, you need to stand out to be professionally acknowledged.

Bring back your previous strength, when you wanted to eat the world up; that energy faded over time and all you get from it is the occasional glimpse.

Although your work focuses on beauty, be more presentable, because it's essential when going networking.

Taureans who expected a reply from a job interview will get a backlash, because they won't be chosen. At least this is training for other upcoming interviews.


Comparisons are detestable, even more so if you're comparing yourselves to others, Taureans.

Enough with being the enemy! Get in touch with your inner child, stop finding flaws on the mirror and start loving yourselves more.

Besides, you're fortunate enough to be surrounded by many friends with beautiful feelings, who will always be there for you, helping you to move on and progress. Also, they'll take your hand every time an obstacle or barrier brings you down, so that you can continue on your path to happiness.

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