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Taurus Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 16th March

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You were just telling a friend of yours that you had great emotional stability, and that everything was fine in love. Until today.

Things seem to be getting complicated if we follow the Magic Horoscope's predictions.

A date plan will make you and your partner clash.

You want to move on and go with the flow of whatever happens.

The other person, on the other hand, would rather have everything planned and worked out, and solve this issue without any improvisation at all.

Moods could grow heavier and this will bring you to show off an impulsive side that can turn out to be dangerous. Give in a little.


Today you'll feel free to get risky about your negotiation skills.

Stars are on your side, so take this chance to ask for a raise, close a deal, or an important sale.

Make sure you've got enough pens to sign whatever comes your way, but read all conditions carefully and make sure there's no changes in what's been arranged.

If you can earn more money with a new part-time job, or by doing overtime, take the chance to do it when you're in need.

Looks are very important when you're looking for a job as unemployed Taureans.

Go bring CVs personally offering businesses your best looks and a bright smile.


You've been trying to eat healthy for a while, because you know it's something valuable that will help your looks and mind. If everything's in sync, it will be more likely to love and work to harmonize the right way.

Don't be obsessed about supposedly healthy fads that can unleash extreme addictions, such as drinking raw water (that is, untreated rain or river water).

If you're self-imposing high food standards you should consider asking for professional help before this problem grows worse.