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Family issues overwhelm you to the point of losing your appetite and motivation completely.

You can't take things in this way, Taureans. When you've been in trouble you've solved it almost single-handedly, and trying to make everything happen on a second gear.

Why, then, are you the one so furious with what's happening to others? You should remember to make everyone responsible for their own actions.

In matters of the heart, stars in the Magic Horoscope predict a sense of calmness. That's lucky, because relationship issues are the last thing you needed.

There's a pregnancy coming up around you. Are you trying to have babies? Because maybe you're one of the parties involved in this star-blessed birth.


You're gifted in arts and crafts, something that you only do as a hobby when you're home alone.

Taureans, it's time to share your gift with the world, because selling your art could bring some money back home.

It'll be hard for you to believe and defend your work as an excellent product. If you know how to handle marketing, your pockets will probably burst with riches and you'll make an effort proportional to your profits.

Remember all appointments related to your personal finances: bank trips, picking up an appliance you sent for repair or anything else similar to that.


Today your bowels will move like a spinning tornado. Try not to give them too much work with heavy, rough-digestion meals, so that the body responds in a more natural way.

It's most likely that you're passing gas as a natural consequence of eating. And even if it's seen as rude, the best you can do is release the gas to make digestion quicker.

Also, when passing gas you can avoid nausea or stomach burns.