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Full Taurus Magic Horoscope for Friday, 2 March

Full Forecast for Today, Friday
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After an old-time relationship crisis, some gaps are widening again in your couple.

Conflicts and differences appear again, and sometimes you can't move around to express not only your feelings, but also your expectations, and where you're heading as a couple.

There's days, like today, when your home becomes your very own prison, as if you were restricted about the space you can enjoy, almost like a long-time sentence.

Find help among your friends, because some have lived that same sensation and they reacted on time. You need to take any measures to save yourselves while you've still got time.

Don't let time fly by too much, because all of this can take a turn for the worse, and maybe it'll be too late and you'll painfully regret not doing anything.


Careful with your credit card, dear Taureans, because it's just the start of the month.

You'll want your finances to run smoothly later, and you'll be really mad about not making it.

You've got payments to receive, small unimportant amounts between workmates or friends, and it makes you feel awkward to ask people to set their numbers straight.

Don't be shy and speak out loud. People won't think twice about it when asking you for a pound they gave you when you didn't have spare money, or when you didn't want to get money off the ATM.


Taureans, you should be careful about drinking too much coffee, because throughout the day (breakfast, mid-morning break, lunch), you usually have a few cups.

You know how it feels, and you're aware of that dehydrating effect that doesn't exactly help our bodies.

Not only we become sleepless because of an excessive intake; it could even also afect skin tone.

If you want to protect yourself from bacteria around you, have grapefruit seeds at the ready.

They're a powerful and not so well-known antibacterial agent, perfect to prevent infection, and they help with sore throats.

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