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This Friday you'll find yourself in an oasis of peace because of a self-deconstruction process.

You needed to dismantle everything you know and your behaviour to rebuild yourselves again, knowing where to set every piece.

This will allow you to experience love more intensely, purely and honestly, without wearing a steel shield for fear of getting hurt.

Feelings are double-sided; if you wish to find bliss you may find sadness as well, because it's the other side of the same coin.

Keep your senses alert today, because you'll notice you're being watched and longed for. Once you feel it, you'll know which move to make next.


Your self-love sometimes leads you to think you can never make mistakes and are always right.

That leadership you believe yourselves to have will turn against you at work, when others disagree with your ideas and you don't admit you're not the bearer of the sole truth.

Being stubborn doesn't mean you're always entirely right. Be open to dialogue, listen to others and analyse how right your thoughts actually are.

In money-related issues, keep your senses alert to avoid giving too much money in any of your transactions, whether by cash or credit card.

And double-check your store receipts to see that you're not being charged extra.


Keep yourself a little safer, because today your immune system will be weaker, and that'll make you more prone to falling sick with the illnesses of people around you.

You should also very much avoid places with high levels of environmental poisoning; for instance, areas such as vehicle crossing paths or industrial estate premises with lots of factories.

If you can, carry a tiger's eye stone with you today at all times. It will enhance your personal power and help you boost your willpower and drive.