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Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Friday 4th May

Full Prediction for Today, Friday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



An old scar seemed healed and completely restored because of a romance that made you feel love inhabit your whole heart, soul and body.

Today this wound won't show any signs of full healing, because it'll bleed again. You thought you'd overcome that, right? And now you realise that wasn't the case.

That doesn't mean you've lied to yourself, Taureans. It's just that today you've decided to remember that person from your past, especially because you've bumped into each other, most likely through social networks.

That relationship wasn't going anywhere and you know it, so don't mope about it.

The best thing that could have happened is for your romance to go no further, and today, the best thing would be for you to stay still and avoid contacting that person, because you won't be any happier.





You know what it is to be penniless, without financial resources, and to have to make do with little, managing resources as if they were 24-carat golden nuggets.

Someone close to you who has worked with you in the past will ask you to help them find a job, and since you know they're totally worth it, you won't think twice about moving things around to get them an interview.

And that's when you'll regret doing it, because the other person won't be up to par, sadly.

You tried to do good and you'll end up looking bad to the company where you recommended them. At the interview they'll be mean and uninterested about the proposal.

You might extract from all of this that you should worry about no one, but the best you can do is say that it didn't go well, and keep helping others just in case you need help someday.


Stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you to be careful with joints today, Taureans.

Try to avoid sudden movements, especially in areas where you've been injured before.

And try not to do too many efforts, even if that implies postponing some fun plans.