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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for March

Your Taurus horoscope for March 2018
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If someone asked you whether you're happy with your partner, you would automatically say yes, but behind that layer of beauty there's darker things hiding away.

You need to set your mind straight and choose a path to walk down in matters of the heart and feelings.

You're a pretty big fan of the dating game. You've got a Don Juan role going on (no matter your gender) which will bring you nothing but trouble one day, and this incoming month of March might be that time.

In fact, when it comes to love and passion, you'll do things that give you temporary bliss, but which can turn into many headaches later on.

People around you will have a rough time, and you'll be there to support them. But to watch your physical and mental health, don't make others' issues your own. You've got more than enough going on at home.


This month you need to be passionate about everything that's related to work. You need passion to reach your set goals, new objectives which will fill your pockets to the brim.

Some extra money may be coming, although not too much. It may be a good chance to save up a bit and plan your holidays calmly without having to struggle and juggle with your finances.

Work on your creativity and try exploiting your crafting skills. Maybe you can get some extra money by crafting handmade items. It's just a matter of proving your worth.

To avoid trouble, keep a register on your planner of all your money-related appointments. Bank meetings, insurance payments, or anything else that's important.


In March, you should try to improve your self-esteem, and stop looking for constant approval of those around you. You send off a tough image, but deep down you're a weakling.

Clean your body by drinking a lot of water, and pay attention to your kidneys in order to prevent them from failing. Visit your doctor if needed.

With food, don't trust Internet fads on new miracle diets or magic foods. Be sensible at all times and stick to five meals a day.

For our Taureans spending a long time sitting, pay attention to your backs, and go walking more to avoid pain and injuries.

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