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You rarely ask yourself about your dating expectations, especially if you're not seeing anyone and with no love goals on the horizon.

You get obsessed about people's flaws and judge their interests and concerns; you think many of them are empty inside even if they pretend they aren't.

What about you, Taureans? Are you complete?

One of your problems is that you focus too much on looks, and once they pass that test, you expect them to be beautiful inside as well.

You need to do this the other way round. You can't see the beauty of their hearts because you don't like the outside, and you take for granted that you can't fall in love with someone like that.

Unfortunately, that attitude will bring you nothing but emotional misery.


You're starting the week feeling creative and willing to take on beneficial projects, even if the reward isn't too big; reputation is what you're after.

Be as attentive as you can around you. Listen to conversations on the bus, the train or at the supermarket.

You have to find out about needs, and develop your creativity from that point on to make goals a reality.

Great ideas can come from the silliest chats. Carry a notebook on you at all times this Monday to write down whatever comes to mind about future projects.


Health issues don't just come from growing old, Taureans. We also need to watch our hygiene conditions and make them optimal so that there's nothing that could harm our bodies.

Is it the right time to do a deep cleanse on a part of the house where germs pile up more easily?

Check out the bathroom, the shower tray and the toilets to see if everything's spick and span.

You should also clean up your fridge and throw away any expired or mouldy items.