Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Taurus Future from the Stars for this Coming Monday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Monday 30th April
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Life has led you to bump into someone you used to love very deeply, but to whom you never confessed your feelings.

As soon as you see them, a smile will lighten up your face and you'll want to know how's their life and their heart.

You'll find they're not dating right now, and maybe it's time to get the courage you never got.

Exchange numbers, do something to stay in contact, and maybe you'll ignite a spark that just wasn't lit before.

If you jump into a relationship, the most important thing is to be honest and never lie to your partner.


You should start your week setting all work papers in order, because there's something going wrong.

You'll realise you're missing some papers related to numbers and accounts, and maybe there's someone handling dirty business on your back.

If needed, start investigating to see what's going on and share responsibilities; but keep calm about it, because it's not your fault. This is because there's someone you trust who isn't doing their job right.

That person is going through a hard time and a very difficult issue, but that doesn't justify their way of doing things.


All you get is depressing, sad news through the media.

Terrorist attacks, kidnappings and other sorts of man-made tragedies that have started to worry you immensely.

Keep calm, Taureans. It is true that the world seems to have gone crazy, but you're not gonna stop living or get a bomb shelter to stay away from all outside harm.

Don't get overwhelmed thinking that all evils will fall on you, because otherwise you'll miss the small daily pleasures of life.

Besides, don't believe everything the media say, because they don't always know everything factually as it happened in real life.