Taurus Forecast for Monday 9th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
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Can you remember the first dates with your partner, where you could feel magic all around? Those small things that made you fall in love with each other?

These aren't random questions, Taureans; you need to ask yourselves these to make everything work well. Find the answer if you want to get some extra time.

You need to back up a little, to be that perfect match again where love, beautiful words, attention and care were constant.

Because stars in the Magic Horoscope signal you need to find the way to win your partner's heart again. Today the spark's a little faded, and it's up to you to ignite it once again.


Being a good employer who's attentive and careful with everything shouldn't be mistaken for being a little overwhelming at work.

You shouldn't take care of everyone or ask so much if anyone needs a hand, not even if you're a manager.

The other employees need space, and stars signal that today, too much attention could bring about some conflict.

At the most, make everyone feel confident and able to fulfill their duties, and show yourself subtly as a source of support in case something goes wrong.


It might be interesting for you today to go see a doctor (or perhaps head down to the pharmacy) to get your blood pressure measured, Taureans.

Sometimes we aren't fully aware of how our blood pressure levels are doing, and this can bring all sorts of trouble into our bodies; for example, kidney failure.

High blood pressure makes the heart work harder, and as days and years go by, blood vessels can be seriously harmed all around your body, including those in your kidneys, which would cause them to stop eliminating excess fluids or waste from inside your bodies.