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Taurus Magic Horoscope for 26th February

Check Your Forecast for Today, Monday 26th February
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You don't want to disappoint your partner and you promised to stay faithful, but the stars will test you today, almost following an evil purpose.

You'll find temptation behind every corner, and it's up to you to stay firm.

This is no time to let go; you've got more than enough secrets and you shouldn't add another one to your collection, right?

If it were your choice, you would do whatever you wanted and look to the side later, but Magic Horoscope advises you to hold back.

It's not just that lies can be easily spotted; walls have ears and everything you do could come out at some point. And you certainly don't want that happening.


Dear Taureans, this week begins with a project you will strongly defend. Get completely involved, because it will reach the expected goals.

Take this chance to talk about your company and spread the word of what you do there.

You'll call the attention of an important medium, and you will reach new heights with invaluable publicity.

You will think this is absolutely normal, and it will give you great satisfaction by making you feel like you're a natural leader in your field of expertise.

Soon you'll start reaping the rewards, and you'll realize how you got to the right place at the right time.


Your body will become weak and frail even if you think you've rested enough and properly.

You don't realize that you've got a great weight on your shoulders of heavy duties, and which sometimes make you slouch and drag yourself around when you think you're walking.

It's time for a deep cleanse, and to set all elements of your baggage in order. Keep the good things and see if you can get rid of the bad.

You could even recycle those experiences and make something new from something old and wornout, find learning in the experiences that branded you for the worst.

And you should get rid of all your anxiety. It's something you don't want hanging around.